An old-school 18+ Survival Minecraft Server

est. 2015


Vanilla First

To leave the "meta" of Minecraft SMP as unaltered as reasonable possible is our main guideline in running this server. It is not pure vanilla but at close as you can get on a public server without serious drawbacks.

The Spirit

No P2W. We accept donations but all they do is change your prefix in chat. No adminshops/crates, no warps, no ingame items for voting. Everything you see was made, farmed, or placed in survival. No fancy ranks. Ranks are only there to display the very basics.

The Map

We aim to never reset the map, ever. The server was started in summer of 2015. Since then the Map has been played, a lot. But it is part of the history of the server as much as the players are who play on it. They wrote history there, and this map was their paper. And so it will stay...

Our Features and core gameplay

Or "Why tf is there no /sethome and /spawn?"

At the moment we have 3 Cornerstone plugins. These are plugins that directly interfere with the survival gameplay in a non negible amount. These being a land claiming plugin, a player trade sign shop plugin, and a sleep voting plugin.
When we say “vanilla multiplayer meta” we mean the way minecraft SMP would be played on, let say, a realm (one without many datapacks). This would be the true meta of the game the way it would be played, together without deviations.
  Nowadays, and for the longest time, many survival server employ systems like money and give you access to certain abilities via commands or otherwise. Commands that come to mind are /balance, /baltop, /home, /back, /sethome, /tpa, /warp, /spawn, /kit, /fly, /shop, /vault … the list goes on. These changes seem small on the surface, many people do like them (and there is nothing wrong with doing so), but their impact on how people play the game and enjoy it is quite big.
Having the ability to teleport to other players or certain locations for example. It is accelerating the game and removing some of the grind and soberness, but it almost entirely removes the need for longer roads, tunnels, railways, and other ways of transportation. It removes the sense of scale of world you are playing in.
This is just one example how small, QoL-looking addons, have actually a quite big impacts on the game, or rather its meta.

All changes done to our server are to counter limitations and non-renewableness as well as security measures. We carefully consider every change we make and how strong its impact is on the original vanilla minecraft gameplay. Every change tries to keep in mind its effect on the ingame environment.


What we are about

Or "How this server is run and why"

The idea was simple. No Frills. No Bullshit. You can not buy power.
We do not have any kind of “admin shops” where players can buy/trade items that come from nothing. All the items/blocks on the server need to have come from survival. You can only trade items for items (or whatever players agree to) there is no money plugin, hence you can not buy anything. The only thing you can buy (for diamonds that is) that is not tangible (in the context of minecraft items) are plots near spawn, because the spawn is protected. This excludes community projects, you do not need to pay for that of course!

Ranks are important. Because they serve one major purpose. Communication. And thats, broadly speaking, all they do. There is only one main rank, the PLAYER rank. Anyone who recently joined and is new to the server will be ranked as NEW before they are promoted to PLAYER. And lastly there is staff (MODERATOR and ADMIN).
The NEW rank tells other players that this players is not a regular. As opposed to the PLAYER rank. Staff are players with elevated permissions, they can kick, ban and most importantly, help players.
If you decide to donate to the server, be it once or many times, your chat prefix will turn golden. Thats it.

The Map, the History, the Community

Or "Why should I play on a map where other players are years ahead of me?"

Well, there is a lot of cool stuff to see of course, and you can contribute to that and make your mark on it! But for real, I can see that a map that refreshes is more appealing to most players and helps to level the playing field. There are many servers out there that regularly reset the map, and many that don’t. Both have their pros and cons.
Originally it was just a server we set up with friends. “Lets go! Just make a server! Lets play some minecraft” As we did so many times before. But this time, instead of just playing for a month and stopping, What if the server just keeps going? Let it just run forever and not reset the map, expand on it.
That was back in June of 2015. Back then the server was not whitelisted but not public either. It took over a year until we decided to make this a true classic public server and share this with the world.

Since then many people visited the server. Most did not stay. Some played for a few days, weeks or months. But the small playerbase is usually every changing with a few recurring faces.
So the question still stands then (or a similar question). Why play on a server where a few players have played for years and built entire cities, while most have just made a shed and left after a few hours? Well, as already mentioned on the top of this page, the map is an important part of this server. It’s a canvas.
The best reason to play would be, because you have fun playing on a map where you too can become a part of its history. Where you can stay; or leave. Regardless, you can always come back.

The Rules - just a few

Before jumping into the server we like you to read the rules because they will apply regardless. TL;DR: Don't be a dick and use common sense.

Most of the communication outside of the game is done via discord. But we also have a subreddit, patreon and youtube channel to check out. As well as a dynmap.

"I have to say so far this is the nicest server i have found and i have been looking hard."
Player, 2019
"A great, welcoming server where you can play however you want! A lovely community that talks ingame and on discord, where everyone is helpful! 11/10 "
Player, 2020
" I like it."
Player, 2021
"This community is fantastic, and I'm very thankful to have found it!"
Moderator, 2022
"I have been on this server for 8 months and I can say this is the best vanilla server I have been on. It has everything I need in a vanilla server and the people here are great 🙂 [...]"
Player, 2023

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