12th rev.,
web format;
effective from 10. June 2022 09:20 GMT+2

1. Community

a. Just be a respectful, decent person that uses common sense.

b. This server is for a mature audience. All server members (Minecraft and Discord) must be at least 18 years or older. If you are obviously younger than 18 years or claim to be you will be kicked or banned.

c. Do not post graphic content. (i.e., violence, gore, porn)

d. Do not intentionally and excessively lag the server or clients connected to it.

e. Do not spam or advertise your server, YouTube-channel etc without asking staff before. If you have been told no, do not keep asking.

f. We believe that the players can solve most conflicts themselves. Yes, that’s a rule.

g. Please report any issue to our Discord either by mentioning staff or messaging them

2. Minecraft

a. Do not cheat/hack/grief. Do not use game-breaking exploits unless allowed. When in doubt ask.

i. Explicitly allowed mods: Auto Clicker, Beenfo, Command Macros, EasierCrafting, EasierVillagerTrading, Geodesy, Hotbar Switcher, Inventory Tweaks, Light Level Overlay, Litematica, Mouse Tweaks/wheelie, NEI/JEI, Optifine, Quark, Shulkerbox Tooltip, Sodium, Voxelmap, Waila, Xaeros Map.

b. Explicitly allowed EXPLOITS (just because an exploit is not here doesn’t mean it is not allowed but Rule 1 applies): Carpet duplication, any type of rail duplication, gravity block duplication, bedrock removal, and 0-tick farms.

c. General Item duplication, like hopper or portal duping, is NOT allowed.

d. There is grief/chest protection in claimed territory but you can still mine and build in the wilderness. Rule 1 applies here.

i. Do not leave the overworld environment a mess if someone lives nearby. Rule 1 applies.

e. PVP being enabled to not constitute consent. You are able to kill people, but as it turns out its usually not nice to do so.

f. Vigilante Justice is allowed but Rule 1 still applies, act within reason. (No: “He stole muh flower, so I burned his forest down.” YES: “He ignored my requests to stay away from my house, so I killed him.)

g. Assigned shop plots are not a right but a privilege. Do not use other accounts or people to get hold of additional shop plots. Moderators have the right to deny you plots if they have reason to doubt your legitimacy.

i. Assignment to plots inside admin claims (like the city) can be revoked for good reason, like for example inactivity. Any belongings on that plot will be stored in the city for some time to be reclaimed by the owner.

3. Discord

a. Do not violate the discord TOS on our discord server. (This includes stuff send via in game chat)

b. Only post related content or keep the discussion related to the topic in the channels. The content that is related or unrelated is mentioned in the respective channel’s description.

4. Roles

a. You can ask to ranked up from New to Player. Do not spam or annoy Staff or other Players with such a request.

b. Do not ask for any Rank besides Player. If you are qualified, WE will ask YOU.

c. Trusted Players are not staff members, they are a legacy role that is no longer assigned.

d. If you donate to the server your Minecraft account will be assigned the donator role. You can opt-out of this.

5. Punishments

a. A violation of the rules will not automatically will result in a ban. However, we do not take breaking rules lightly.

b. Do not bypass a ban with another account of either Minecraft or discord.

c. If you are banned on the discord you will also be banned in Minecraft and vice versa.

d. We do not issue temporary bans. All bans are permanent.

e. You only get a chance to appeal your first ban. Follow up bans can not be appealed.

f. Players with the Player status, may receive up to 1 warning before a ban.

The rules above are subject to change without prior notice. End of Rules 12th rev.; post date: 10. June 2022 09:20 GMT+2